Pixel Rogue is a simple classic rogue-like in 32x32 resolution (upscaled for playability), made in <48h for the lowrezjam.
The game progression, interface and items are meant to be discovered as you play, but if you're confused/curious, this manual thing should take care of all your doubts.

Your stats are displayed both in the upper HUD bar and the menu screen (see below). They are:
Health (red): The amount of hits you can take before dying. Enemies deal damage to you equal to their power.
Power (blue): The amount of damage you will deal to enemies. Enemies die when they reach zero health. Each enemy slain gives you one experience point.
Experience (green): The amount of enemies you need to kill before leveling up. A level up allows you to increase either max health or max power by one point. Each level requires increased experience to be overcome.
Gold (yellow): The amount of... gold you have. Gold can be spent in shops between dungeon floors.

HUD (upper and lower bars)
The upper HUD displays your stats in an abacus system. Each stat has two 3x3 squares, where the left square counts the tens and the right square counts the units. So, for instance, 23 health would display as 2 red dots on the left square, followed by 3 red dots on the right square.
The red dots represent your health. Depleted health will show as light red.
The blue dots represent your power.
The green dots represent your experience. Light green dots represent the experience you still need to reach the next level.
The yellow dots represent your gold.
The bottom HUD displays the health and power of a selected enemy in the same manner as the upper HUD. The green dots represent the dungeon floor you're in.

Game Screen
You are the white bar on the center of the screen (1x2 rectangle).
Enemies are the gray bars which attempt to move towards you whenever you move.
Red dots are health potions; they will recover some of your depleted health, but not increase its maximum value.
Blue dots are equipment, which will increase your maximum power.
Green dots are scrolls, which will increase your experience.
Yellow dots are gold coins, which will increase your... gold coins.
Cyan dots are mystery potions; each one has a random effect, and will increase or decrease any of your aforementioned stats.
Black dots are the exit to the lower floor / shop.

Stats Menu
The red numbers represent your current/maximum Health.
The blue numbers represent your Power.
The green numbers represent your current/maximum Experience, and your Level.
The gold numbers represent your gold.
Click on the black arrow to close the menu.
Each time you level up, you gain one point that can be spent to increase either your Health or your Power. If you have stat points to spend, two green crosses will appear before your Health and Power values. Clicking on them will increase your stat by one and spend one stat point.

You will gain automatic access to the shop every time you descend a floor. Here you can buy one of three items, if you have the necessary amount of gold.
Each item's price is displayed in yellow numbers to its right.
Items you can afford will have a green cross to its right; clicking on them will reduce your gold by the appropriate amount, and the purchased item will be used immediately.
The red potion will recover some of your depleted Health, but not increase its maximum value.
The blue sword will increase your Power.
The cyan potion will randomly increase or decrease one of your stats, including your Gold!
Click on the black arrow to close the shop and proceed to the next floor.

Game Progression
The dungeon is infinite, and randomly generated every time and on each floor. All floors have a clear path to the exit, but the amount of enemies and items is also random.
On each floor down, the dungeon changes in the following ways:
The maximum possible number of rooms (and thus the dungeon size) is increased by one. The floor's number of rooms influences the maximum possible number of enemies and items spawned;
The maximum possible health and power of each enemy are increased by one;
The maximum possible effect of each pickup increases by one on floor 4, and every two floors afterwards. This includes the mystery potions' damage!
The shop price of the mystery potion increases by one on floor 4, and every two floors afterwards.
All of the above are always randomized between the default minimum value and the floor maximum value.